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Our self-print label equipment and consumables are perfect for customers who want to print their own labels, only want a few labels at a time, or need to keep changing details, such a best-before dates or ingredient lists. Details can be stored, modified and recalled from your PC.




Depending on your labelling needs, you may prefer to print your own labels. We are a Platinum dealer for well-known manufacturer Brother, which allows us to offer excellent deals on all the equipment and consumables you will need.

- Buy a thermal printer (such as the Brother QL 700, which comes with 
an automatic cutter and software already installed at £75.99)

- We supply continuous paper rolls: 62mm x 30m for just £9.75 in 
coloured material or £9.25 in white; 62mm x 20m for £24.50 in clear; or 
50mm x 30m for £8.70 in white

- You can then produce 1,000 labels sized 62x30mm for just 1p per label, or 300 labels sized 62x100mm for just 3p per label. The labels can be variable lengths

- We supply Brother die cut labels to fit this machine at 25% discount on 
Brother's prices


*Prices are exclusive of postage and VAT

We also stock a large selection  of shapes and colours that we can print for 
you in small print runs from as little as £3.00/100
 please contact us for details.

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